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Rent a Tentsile-Flite+
From €40.00 / d
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For one or two people. The tent has a load capacity of 220 kg. Tent package weight 3,2 kg. Suitable for camping. To pitch the tent you need 3 poles at a distance of about 5-8 m from each other.

The rental also includes installation instructions, a rain cover and tree guards to ensure that no traces of the accommodation are left on the trees. They also protect the installation linen from wear and tear.

The Tentsile is conveniently located in Tuusula, which is on the route of many camping trips when leaving or arriving from the Helsinki metropolitan area. Pick-up and return times can be flexibly arranged.

You will receive installation instructions by e-mail in advance. At the time of pick-up, we will go over the installation instructions and draw up a lining contract. For the rental, we apply the general rental conditions of Metsänaut.

Price: 40 EUR / day, 73 EUR / 2 days, 133 EUR / week.